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QuikFix Laptop Keyboard Keys are currently partnered with over 900 school districts and 150 healthcare facilities nationwide to provide replacement laptop keyboard keys, keeping technology in the hands of students and professionals and eliminating costly downtime! Our replacement keys are 100% genuine OEM parts and we are committed to providing prompt, personalized services to suit your needs!

We have a large model inventory available, including many of the newest popular laptops and Chromebooks, to assure your parts are shipped out quickly and accurately!

Begin your registration by taking a moment to fill out the form below. All eligible organizations that register with us will receive our 10% partnership discount (available to use with any purchase orders submitted via our website)! At this time, we accept registration from US-based organizations only.

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Simply fill in your details on the provided form and one of our representatives will contact you with additional information. We’re glad to see your interest in our company and look forward to providing you with our cost effective technology solutions!

Please note that as an Internet-based company, we only charge tax to Pennsylvania customers (unless tax exempt certification is provided). All other customers will not be charged sales tax.

Payments for purchase orders are due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the product. Payments received after that 30‐day period are subject to service fees. A 1.5% fee will be issued to the account every 15 days payment is late.

We accept all major credit cards and checks for payment, which may be sent to the address provided on our invoice. Please be sure to reference your order number on any payments or enclose a copy of your quote if the order has not yet been placed!

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