How to Order

Ordering replacement keys is incredibly simple! You can browse our extensive inventory to quickly and easily find your model or use our powerful search tool to narrow your results by model number.

Once you find your product, you will need to select specific details in order to receive the correct and compatible part.

This is a typical product page for our replacement key kits. You will see the title and brand image as well as options to select for your specific needs.

Some models require you to choose which color is needed for your application. If there are no options to select key color, our replacement key kits are available for the selected model in the standard color for that machine.

Specific information is contained in the section below the product specifications. This includes available hinge types and keyboard layout verification. Your specific hinge style MUST be determined before purchasing or your replacement kit may not be compatible!

In addition to choosing the correct laptop model, you must also select the appropriate hinge type. After using the comparison images on the product page, select the hinge type that corresponds to your machine. It is important to note that every laptop will only use ONE specific hinge style at a time. For example, if you determine your machine will require the H29 part version, all other keys will also be the H29 type as well, making ordering extremely simple!

Select the specific key replacement kit that is required for your application. If you cannot find the key that you need, select “Other” and specify your information during the checkout process.

Once all of your information has been chosen, select the quantity of that key needed and click the “Add to Cart” option. Choosing more than one piece will add multiple quantities of the same key replacement kit to your order. To choose different key characters, please repeat the steps above for each key needed.

Once added to your cart, a message box will appear confirming your selection. You can choose to proceed to checkout and complete your order, choose additional key replacement kits or browse through thousands of additional models in stock!

If you wish to order various separate key kits, you will need to repeat these steps for each key desired!