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We currently support thousands of popular current generation models such as Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba and more!

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All of these key sellers seemed sketchy AF.. How could one possibly have thousands of laptops sitting in a warehouse to pull keys off of and sell for a basically nothing?

Yeah. That's when I needed a W key for my Asus. Considering this website here was the only place I could even find any reference to my model, I dug deep and saw there reviews were half decent and people got the stuff they ordered. So I gave it a shot. Worst case, I'd get PayPal to get my money back if they didn't deliver.

Here I am, 3 days later typing and gaming like a giddy little kid without a missing W key. Not only did they send the right key, they also shot me a video guide on how to put it on. Worked like a charm!

I'm eating my words right now. This stuff is legit and it's crazy helpful. Thanks QuikFix dudes, you rock!

Garrett L., Morgantown, WV

Over the course of a few days, the customer service rep Dominic provided personalized attention and response that allowed us to finally exchange the wrong keys we bought for the correct ones. Thanks Dom and thank you QuickFix for the great support and service!

Matthew J., Haverhill, MA

How the heck did you guys even have laptop keys for the Yoga 910? Lenovo wanted me to send it back and it would have a taken a couple of weeks for it to be repaired. I saw you had keys for my model and everything matched up so I bought one. Less than a week later, here I am typing away on my FULL KEYBOARD!!! My brand new Yoga is good again all thanks to you! I'm so happy right now thank you SO MUCH!!!

Sierra L., Conway, AR

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