Have questions? Please browse our in-depth FAQ section to find the answers to common queries. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at any time with your inquiry. We are here to help!

Are your laptop replacement keys OEM quality?

Yes! We work with electronic recyclers and keyboard suppliers to obtain parts from genuine units that are non-functional or otherwise unusable, so they are guaranteed to fit, look and feel just like the original! Most of our replacement keys are brand new or have seen very little use. All laptop keys are removed from their respective models or keyboards supplied by the official manufacturers and are cleaned and sterilized before packaging. We do not sell cheap, low quality replacements!

What is a “point stick”?

Some models will have the option to choose whether or not your keyboard has a “point stick”. This component is between the G, H and B keys and controls the mouse pointer without using an external device or trackpad. Keys that use the point stick feature are shaped differently than keys that do not. This is very important, as choosing the incorrect option may result in an incompatible key! Please see the images below for reference:


How do I remove a keyboard key?

You may need to remove a damaged or worn keyboard key to examine the hinge type underneath for replacement. Check out our video below for the most common key removal methods!

Is Rush Processing available?

Yes, rush processing is available! Rush Processing expedites the fulfillment of your order so it can be packed, shipped and on the road the same business day it is placed. For Rush Processing to be effective, your order must be submitted and charged before 2:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. If the above conditions are met and we fail to ship your order the same business day or items within your order are out of stock, we will refund the Rush Processing fee.

Rush Processing Fee

The fee for Rush Processing is $2.99.


In all circumstances, our maximum liability is limited to the Rush Processing fee only. While we cannot guarantee same-day shipment for all orders, we will put forth our best effort to ship all Rush Processing orders the same business day if the above conditions are met. Otherwise, your Rush Processing fee will be refunded. Please note that Rush Processing may not guarantee faster delivery of your items. Packages are still subject to any delays caused by the shipping courier, which is not within the responsibilities of QuikFix Laptop Keyboard Keys.

What will I receive with my order?

With each quantity purchased, you will receive everything required to replace and repair a broken or missing keyboard key! This includes:

  • Key cap
  • Hinge mechanism
  • Rubber cup
  • Metal brackets (specific keys only)


Are these items new or used?

Most keys are pulled from new keyboards, but some can be taken from broken, damaged or previously used machines. In every case, we thoroughly inspect and clean/sanitize each and every item before it is packaged for shipping to assure our customers receive the safest and highest quality items. No items are shipped that would be considered beyond their acceptable lifespan.

How will my purchase be shipped?

All items are shipped via United States Postal Service from our Northeastern Pennsylvania facility. Please refer to the chart below to determine delivery methods for your order.



Domestic Orders

Cost: Varies

Cost Shipping Method Tracking Information Estimated Delivery Time*
$0.99 USPS First Class Mail No tracking available 2-7 business days
$2.49 USPS First Class Package Tracking information provided 2-5 business days


Tracking information provided automatically for orders of three(3) or more key replacement kits!


International Orders

Cost: US $2.50 (flat rate to anywhere in the world)

Shipping Method Tracking Information Estimated Delivery Time*
All purchases USPS First Class International Tracking information provided** 10-28 business days



*Delivery times are provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and holidays and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods.
**Tracking information is provided within United States until customs departure. Further tracking information may not be available in your country and varies by destination.

Can I install a replacement key kit by myself?

Absolutely! Our replacement keyboard key kits are quick and easy to install. Each purchase contains everything required to repair a damaged, worn or missing keyboard key! Installation takes only a few minutes to complete and with our easy to follow Installation Guides, even the most technically incapable person can do it! No need to take your machine to a professional and pay more! Let QuikFix help you do it yourself for less!

I still have the key cap and only need the hinge. Can I purchase only the hinge mechanism?

Sure! We sell individual hinge mechanisms for many models, designed for those who still have their key cap and do not need a full replacement kit. Most product listings feature this option in the key selection menu. If you cannot locate this, please Contact Us and we will be glad to help!

I need to return my purchase.

Returning or exchanging your purchase is a simple and straightforward process. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for more information!

I ordered the wrong hinge style. What do I do?

If unsure about your keyboard hinge type, we suggest our customers Contact Us and submit an image of their damaged keyboard. This will allow us to visually inspect your machine and determine the correct replacement hinge type to issue to you. With our image confirmation method, we guarantee your item will be compatible!

If you have purchased the incorrect hinge type, simply return your item and we will exchange it for the correct style! Please note that you are responsible for all return shipping costs (most orders can be returned in a simple stamped envelope). Please refer to the Returns & Exchanges page for information about returning or exchanging your purchase.

Are keys available for every make and model?

We have an extensive inventory of components for a wide range of laptop makes and models and are consistently updating our inventory with the newest and most popular products. We only offer models we currently have available. In some cases, an item may be on back order, in which we will notify our customers promptly of the status of their order. There may be various models in our category list that are not linked to a product. If this is the case, we currently recognize the model, but do not offer any specific products at this time. If you wish to be notified when inventory becomes available, please Contact Us and we will add you to our notification list.

Are replacement key kits universal?

No. Laptop keyboard key replacement kits must be ordered specifically for your brand and model. Keyboard keys vary widely in size, shape, finish and visual appearance. We offer products for an extensive variety of models. You can easily browse for your model or use our powerful search tool quickly find your model and corresponding replacement kit.

I never received my item.

Please be sure to thoroughly check your regular postal mail for delivery of your product. All items are shipped in yellow padded bubble mailers for protection. Single and two item purchases are shipped without tracking information (unless purchased separately), while orders of three or more items will automatically be shipped with delivery confirmation service. If you feel you have not received your item in the appropriate time frame (refer to Shipping for delivery times), please contact us and we will be glad to assist you!

Can I track my order?

Absolutely! All orders are shipped via USPS with tracking information included. Domestic packages can be tracked straight to your door! For international orders, tracking information may only be available until departure from US customs. Additional tracking information may not be available depending on the destination country. Only select countries will be able to track their parcels until delivery.

My computer model is not listed. Do you have kits available for it?

We strive to include every make and model of laptop currently available into our product lineup. If you cannot locate your model, try using a less specific designation (e.g., “Acer Aspire 5652-3691” could be shortened to “Acer Aspire 5652”). If you are still unable to locate your product, please contact us and we may have your product available as unlisted inventory.

Some of my keys don’t work. Will this fix it?

If some of your keys are unresponsive (e.g., no display with certain keystrokes), this product will NOT correct the issue. For a majority of these instances, a full replacement keyboard will correct the problem. At this time, we do not offer entire replacement keyboards.

I received my product but the hinge mechanism is pre-attached. How do I remove it?

For most orders, we ship your replacement key kits with the hinge mechanism attached to each key cap. This is designed to protect the components during shipment and are very easy to separate. Please take note of the orientation of the hinge mechanism, as this will aid you when installing your replacement kit onto your machine. Hinges are attached to key caps in multiple locations, of which all simply snap apart. A gentle pull using your fingertips will separate most components. If you cannot separate the pieces, a small flat screwdriver will assist you greatly.

Please refer to our Installation Guides section for information on how to install the hinge mechanism.

What color are the key replacement kits?

Many laptop models utilize various colors and finishes (e.g., silver, blue, white or matte black, gloss black, etc). Any models that utilize multiple colors and/or finishes will have the option to choose a color before adding the item to your shopping cart. Simply select the desired option from the drop down menu and you will receive the specified color or finish for your machine!

*Note that some models have colors or finishes that can vary slightly between keyboard manufacturers.

I’ve found my laptop model, but cannot click the link to view the product.

We strive to provide products for each and every brand and model available. However, there are times where we will not have a certain product in stock. In this case, we will list the model but you will not be able to view any products, simply because there is no inventory available at this time. Please contact us with any questions pertaining to future availability of an item, as we are constantly adding new products to our lineup.

How do I install the replacement kit?

Please refer to our Installation Guides section for information on how to install your key replacement kit.

If you are having trouble with installation, please note that there are a few factors that may cause the process to be more difficult or impossible.

1. Assure the metal retaining tabs on the keyboard are not bent or missing. These are part of the keyboard hardware itself. If the metal retaining brackets are not present, our key replacement kits will not work. In this case, a new keyboard is required.

2. Be sure to orient the hinge mechanism correctly. Some hinges can be symmetrically similar and confusing to install if not oriented in the correct direction. Most hinges are pre-attached to the key cap for easy reference. Take note of the orientation before removing to install.

3. Check the small plastic tabs on the underside of the key cap for damage. If these tabs are bent or missing, installing your key cap will be more difficult or impossible. Forcing a key cap into place with a bent tab may result in damage to the key cap, in which a new kit will be required.

Why are there various “hinge styles” to choose from on the product page?

Some laptops utilize various different “hinge” mechanisms that attach the key cap to the keyboard. Although they look identical on the outside, removing a key cap can show some very different hardware underneath. For example, the image below depicts three of the same keyboard models from a Dell Latitude D630. However, the different hinge types are apparent once the key caps are removed.

Note the differences between the hinge mechanisms. When determining your hinge style, it is critical that you select the exact same type as your machine utilizes, otherwise your key replacement kit will not be compatible. If you are unsure, simply Contact Us to submit an image and we will eliminate the guesswork!

Why buy single key replacement kits and not a new keyboard?


Many keyboards require a fair amount of technical knowledge to replace. If you can press a button, you can replace a missing key!

Cost Savings

Replacement keyboards can sometimes cost upwards of $100 plus installation fees if you are using a computer repair service. Our replacement kits start at only $3.49 each. The savings continue to add up!


Taking your machine to a computer repair shop? Don’t expect to receive it back for a few days or weeks! Key replacement kits arrive right at your doorstep with your postal mail and are ready to be installed straight from the package! You can regain your productivity in only a few minutes!

Are all keys available for in stock models?

While we strive to keep a full inventory at all times, certain key and hinge combinations may occasionally be out of stock. We work closely with our suppliers to obtain the latest inventory when required and will notify you if any of your items are back ordered along with an estimated shipping date. If you need to confirm an item is available before purchasing, please feel free to Contact Us to request availability!

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Absolutely! Please fax your Purchase Order to us at (866) 401-1978 or email sales@quikfixlaptopkeys.com. You can also contact our sales manager directly on our Contact page for information or to submit your Purchase Order!

Will replacing keys void my existing warranty?

No way! Replacement keys are designed to be a cosmetic fix for incidents that result in the loss of one or multiple keys. Once replaced, your keyboard will look completely untouched. There is no way to tell you’ve replaced your keys! Not to mention the downtime you’ve just saved by completing the repair yourself!

Why are some replacement keys so expensive?

Some laptop models are extremely rare, expensive or difficult to source. Likewise, some models require parts that are not even available on the consumer market! We work closely with our part suppliers and manufacturers to obtain components so we are able to offer them to our customers at a fraction of the price it would take for a full keyboard repair!

My order has been in ‘processing’ for over a week! What does that mean?

Orders that are shown to be in ‘processing’ may not have yet been shipped. Most orders will ship within one to two business days of the initial order. However, some items can be out of stock or otherwise not available for immediate shipment. We will generally send an email with specifics and estimated delivery times for your products. If you are still unsure of the status of your order, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have!